JT Prop Design, Inc.
Jason Thirlaway
Prop Master
Newest Projects
  1. Sci-Fi Props
    Sci-Fi Props
  2. Devils Tools
    Devils Tools
    These were from Devils Carnival 2 Devils Tools
  3. Wacky Watch
    Wacky Watch
    Steam Punk Design
  4. Love Doctor Brain Wave Manipulator
    Love Doctor Brain Wave Manipulator
    Made this one for Big Time Rush Season 3
  5. Prisioner Collar with Led Lights and Remote detonator
    Prisioner Collar with Led Lights and Remote detonator
    Design concept for a Sci-Fi movie
  6. Gods Package to Satan
    Gods Package to Satan
    Prop for Devils Carnival 2 Gods Package
Jason Thirlaway
Prop Master / Decorator / Production Designer
Welcome to JT Prop Design, Inc.

Im Jason Thirlaway and thank you for visiting. With over 15 years of Film and Television Experience Im certain my particular set of skills of crafting props and prototypes is what you may be looking for. From rubber castings of Prop weapons to retractable weapons im sure we can provide you with the best in the industry.  My background comes from years of Mechanical and Electrical Education and practical theory. Im also a Designer by trade and find any size project to have its challenges and its own rewards.

Looking for someone to make your idea a reality then you have come to the right place.